1. Why We Incorporate Music into the Curriculum at Our Preschool in Lexington

    At Waverly Square Daycare, our primary goal is to help your child to develop into a well-rounded individual. We do this by using a versatile approach that is both fun and educational for your children. The curriculum that we offer is incredibly varied, but there is one thing that we are always sure to include –music. We make music a priority in the curriculum at our preschool in Lexington, becau…Read More

  2. The Importance of Play in a Lexington Daycare

    Did you know that play helps your child to develop in a large variety of ways? Play can help your child to develop social skills, imagination, dexterity, and so much more. Young children are in an important stage in their life when it comes to development, and play is a key piece of the puzzle for healthy growth. Socially, play helps your kids to connect with their peers in a whole new way. They c…Read More