Lexington Daycare

Did you know that play helps your child to develop in a large variety of ways? Play can help your child to develop social skills, imagination, dexterity, and so much more. Young children are in an important stage in their life when it comes to development, and play is a key piece of the puzzle for healthy growth.

Socially, play helps your kids to connect with their peers in a whole new way. They can use their imagination in conjunction with another person, while learning important values like honesty and integrity. Playing with others also teaches your child how to share, to be competitive, and to learn how to gracefully win or lose. Social playing also teaches your child how they fit in with others and how to express themselves in a variety of situations.

When you are looking for the best Lexington daycare center for your child, you should keep the importance of pay at the forefront of your mind. The childcare center that you choose should encourage kids to actively learn and play together, rather than wander aimlessly by themselves. There should also be a variety of games and activities to keep your child actively engaged.

At Waverly Square Daycare we work hard to provide your child with a well-rounded early education, with an emphasis on on learning through both unstructured and structured play. Our preschool in Lexington is dedicated to helping your child to develop in a healthy manner in all areas. For more information please visit our site or give us a call at 617-599-4313,