Program is designed to provide high quality educational experiences to enhance school readiness for three and four year olds.

The program is designed on the premise, that children need to be prepared in all five of the developmental domains outlined in the Massachusetts State Standards.Each of these domains is critical to children’s wellbeing and for their success in reading and math as they get ready to attend Kindergarten. The five domains, as reflected in State Standards are:

  • Approaches to learning
  • Emotional and social development
  • Health and physical development
  • Language development and communication
  • Cognitive development

We incorporate all the above mentioned State requirements in order to prepare our PreK children for Kindergarten and beyond. We encourage individual growth in each curriculum area from reading to math, and social studies to science. We offer quality care by providing an emotionally safe and responsive environment while academically, socially and emotionally preparing children for kindergarten. We provide learning opportunities through play and structured activities to acquire a range of skills from the socioemotional to the cognitive. Preparing children for Kindergaten goes beyond letters, numbers and reading. In our school we believe, school readiness includes the development of social skills, ability to pay attention, and control of behavior and emotions.