At Waverley Square Daycare we are widely respected for our top rated infant care in Lexington. We maintain a loving, caring environment for your children as well as a low teacher/student ratio in order to allow each student individualized attention throughout the day. Our classrooms and daily schedules are designed to give your infant the maximum amount of time to develop critical cognitive motor skills while also giving them the emotional love and support that they need. Waverley Square’s infant care in Lexington follows the American Academy of Pediatrics guidelines for safe sleep as well as all the current EEC regulations. When you bring your infant to Waverley Square Daycare, you are bringing them to a facility that is dedicated to excellence in every area.

Our preschool in Lexington is also widely recognized as an exceptional program. We keep our preschool schedules filled with fun and games that all the kids love. Each activity is designed with essential education elements such as critical thinking, creativity, respectful social interactions with their peers, pre-reading skills, and basic math and science. Waverley Square’s preschool in Lexington meets the Massachusetts Early Education and Care standards that are recommended by the National Association for Education of Young Children. We work hard to ensure that your child receives the emotional, social, and educational foundation they need to excel at every stage of their life.

To learn more about Waverley Square’s Lexington daycare, Contact Us Today! We are happy to answer all of your questions and provide you with a tour of our facility and classes.