Waverly Square Daycare is passionate about helping children grow and explore mentally, physically, and emotionally. Our focus on high quality education sets us apart as the best Lexington Daycare available. Our preschool in Lexington is built around important educational elements that build a foundation for reading skills, sound and letter recognition, beginning math, and kinesthetic science exploration.

Similarly to the preschool program, Waverly’s infant care in Lexington also builds a strong educational foundation for the kids. Although infants have to start at the beginning and have a lower learning capacity, it is still important to begin the process of helping them develop mentally. Waverly Square’s Lexington Daycare is designed to help every child advance mentally, physically, and emotionally in a healthy manner. Part of our philosophy is based around providing a respectful environment to each child in order to build their self-esteem as well as working closely with the parents to help them be active participants in the child’s life.

At Waverly Square’s Lexington Daycare we are particularly proud of our highly qualified staff. The owner and executive director holds a masters degree in English Language & Literature and all of our lead teachers are college educated and highly experienced. If you are interested in learning more about our preschool in Lexington or infant care in Lexington then Contact Us Today. We would be happy to give you a tour of the facility so that you can learn more about how Waverly Square’s Lexington Daycare can help your child build a solid foundation for their education and their life.