Waverley Square Lexington Daycare offers preschool in Lexington that is dedicated to working with parents to help them create the best childhood and most promising future for their kids. We developed our preschool in Lexington because we are committed to the community in this area and are dedicated to working with families to build a strong foundation educationally and emotionally for their children.

Our preschool in Lexington is designed to give kids a nurturing and caring environment to learn and grow in. We believe, and science has proven, that children make the most positive advances in their learning and growth when they are in a comfortable and safe environment. Each class establishes a predictable and stable routine so that your child always feels safe and is able to enjoy each day without feeling that things change too frequently. This is a vitally important piece of our preschool in Lexington because it helps your child feel as comfortable here as they do at home.

Waverley Square Lexington daycare is proud of our highly-qualified staff and teachers. We understand that each child in our care has unique talents and we are careful to employ plenty of teachers so that your child get’s one-on-one attention to develope their personal skills and talents. We always communicate regularly with parents to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your child’s care. If you have any questions or concerns, simply contact Us Today to learn more! We are always happy to sit down and work out a plan to give you complete peace of mind with your chosen preschool in Lexington.