1. Reggio Emilia Approach

    The Reggio Emilia Approach is an educational philosophy focused on preschool and primary education. It was developed by Loris Malaguzzi, who was a teacher himself, and the parents of the villages around Reggio Emilia in Italy after World War II. After such a great and destructive event, people believed that children were in need of a new way of learning: the assumption was that people f…Read More

  2. Waverly Square’s Infant Care in Lexington

    At Waverley Square Daycare we are widely respected for our top rated infant care in Lexington. We maintain a loving, caring environment for your children as well as a low teacher/student ratio in order to allow each student individualized attention throughout the day. Our classrooms and daily schedules are designed to give your infant the maximum amount of time to develop critical cognitive motor …Read More

  3. Find High Quality Children’s Education at Lexington Daycare

    Waverly Square Daycare is passionate about helping children grow and explore mentally, physically, and emotionally. Our focus on high quality education sets us apart as the best Lexington Daycare available. Our preschool in Lexington is built around important educational elements that build a foundation for reading skills, sound and letter recognition, beginning math, and kinesthetic science explo…Read More

  4. Top Rated Lexington Daycare

    Waverly Square Daycare is a top rated Daycare as a result of our dedication to providing a nurturing environment while encouraging creativity, mental development, and long term academic success. We always strive to keep open lines of communication with parents in order to ensure that everyone involved with their child’s life is on the same page, and so that parents can be active participants in …Read More

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